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Access Surveyors utilizes the latest technologically advanced equipment in the surveying industry. "Professional Surveying in Southeast Texas and Across The Globe."

What We Do

Commercial Survey

Commercial surveying deals with all aspects of commercial property in both private and public sectors, consisting of ALTA’s, Building Layout and Design, local offices, commercial housing units and many businesses. These types of surveys are specifically created for commercial land owners and can be very detail oriented.

Industrial Survey

Industrial Surveying focuses on precision layout that is required to set the “Foundation” in which a project will encompass. Industrial surveyors are much needed in this Industry and utilized throughout the entire project with many job requirements. These types of surveys can range from piling for a foundation all the way to rotating equipment, electrical layout and pressure vessels.

Residential Survey

Residential surveys consist of establishing boundary lines between properties, locating permanent structures, and producing a plat with a legal description to be filed with the county courthouse. These types of surveys can range from early research to the final as-built of the residence.

What Our Clients Say

Access Surveyors quickly became our “go to” surveying company on-site and assumed responsibilities as the primary surveying company providing reliable reports in a timely fashion. Their ability to provide skilled surveyors with state of the art equipment that have exposure to fast pace, expedited, heavy industrial project sets them apart from their competition.

Jesse Hammes
Sr. Project Manager
The Weitz Company

Access Surveyors' timely and effective response to a new customer is only outmatched by the quality of service. I look forward to working with Access Surveyors again in the future.

Tom Byrum
Senior Project Manager
Austin Bridge & Road

Access Surveyors has definitely made quite an impression not only construction wise, but on the contractual side of things as well...Their team has saved [our] project an enormous amount of time and money due to their knowledge of this industry.

Shannon Mercer
Contracts Administrator
The Weitz Company