In March of 2016, Access Surveyors was awarded a contract by Ragnar Benson, LLC to assist with all project related surveying needs in Westlake, Louisiana.

Our Survey Crews assisted with the construction efforts 5-6 days per week and continued until the completion of the project. A brief summary of our scope of work is listed below.

  • Grade Staking and Verification for all Earthworks
  • Battery Limit Staking for Clearing and Grubbing
  • Site-wide Topographic Work for Quantity Calculations and Model Improvement
  • Maintaining and Setting Horizontal and Vertical Control
  • Pile Layout and Template Verification
  • Road and Bridge Layout
  • Anchor Bolt Layout and Verification
  • Effluent Channel Staking
  • Electrical Route Crossings
  • Staking and As-builts for Sub-ballasts Site Wide
  • Stip and Lift Topo and Calculations
  • Track Layout and Verification
  • Settlement Plate Verification
  • Underdrain Layout and As-builts
  • Pullbox Layout and As-builts
  • All Piping Related Efforts Including Drainage
  • Bridge Risers Verification
  • 3rd Party Verification of all Subcontractor Work Site-Wide
  • As-builts for all Turnover Documents