Safe, Fast, Always Accurate.
Our Mission is to safely and reliably provide accurate, high-quality results to our clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Established 1999

Access Surveyors was dedicated to finding success in the surveying industry. We started with just a handful of employees and have continually expanded in the field as well as in the office. Access Surveyors began surveying residential and commercial property and has adapted to the Industrial Survey market to meet our clients many needs.
The success of any company requires the respect of its clients and industry peers. Access Surveyors realize that when clients are satisfied, they will continue to use our services. We believe in well-coordinated exchanges of information, realistic time frames, meeting agreed-upon deadlines, and constant communication regarding the status of projects. The services that Access Surveyors offer to the industries throughout Texas and across the globe, have the valuable quality that respect is formulated from.
Whether it’s a commercial real estate development, a residential home sale, aerial mapping and photogrammetry, 3D terrestrial scanning or an energy infrastructure project, the experienced team at Access Surveyors can not only meet your needs but, can do it in a safe and timely manner.


We enforce safety to our team on a consistent basis and aim to maintain an injury-free team.


The proof is in the pudding. We want every client to have assurance that we did the job right; every time.


We're passionate about what we do and with every job, we work to reflect that.


We are intentional about our service, and shoot to execute the task most effectively.


Our goal is to balance the spectrum of speed vs precision.


We believe in providing integral service, building relationships with our clients.

"Can't begin to explain how much we appreciate Access Surveyor's dedication to our company. Over the past seven years we have done several very large, major projects with Clint, Kevin and their team and they have ALWAYS came through for us. Its greatly appreciated. Look forward to more projects with Access in the future."
Chris Swanson, General Superintendent
Ragnar Benson Construction