Port Arthur, Texas

In 2006, Access Surveyors was sub-contracted by Arceneaux & Gates Engineering and was awarded a 90 day contract for pre-construction horizontal and vertical control. The 51 Monument Control System would aid in the construction of an estimated $17 billion project, joint ventured by Bechtel and Jacobs Engineering. After the early works phase of the project, Access Surveyors was on-site with Seven (7) two-man survey crews and a Survey Management Team. The site had pre-determined to utilize its own surveyors for a brunt of the construction and soon brought on another Sixteen (16) two-man survey crews. Access Surveyors became the QA/QC and Managing Survey Team site-wide for a number of other sub-contracted surveyors from Austin Industrial, S&B Contractors and Turner Industries. Our team demobilized from the site in April of 2012, 6 Years later.

  • 60,000+ concrete and wood pile driven site-wide
  • Construction and Monitoring of a 51 Monument Control System
  • 27,000 tons of steel erected and plumbed for multilevel pipe racks and 300+ Modules
  • Delayed Coker Unit
  • Vacuum Pipe Still
  • H-Block consisting of a Hydrocracker Unit, Cat Feed Hydro and Naptha Cracker Unit
  • Power Station Expansion
  • Acid Recovery Unit
  • 20+ Storage Tanks for Crude Oil, Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, ect.
  • Cooling Towers
  • Vent and Flare Units
  • 69kv and 240kv substations
  • Complete Raw Water and Water Treatment Unit
  • Generators, pumps and rotating equipment set site-wide.
  • Final Paving, Grading and Drainage systems
  • Complete electrical route to support the massive two-square mile site.
  • Motiva Enterprises in Port Arthur, Texas is home of the largest refinery in the country and 5th largest in the world.